Manufacturing & Specialty Fabrication
Manufacturing & Specialty Fabrication


This is only a partial list of our materials and finishes. Please contact us to discuss further options.

Finish Type/Class Specification Color if any Finish Code Used on
Passivate TYP II QQ-P-35 MS39087, NAS1829, NAS1830
Passivate METHOD 1, CLASS 4 AMS 2700 NAS1129, NAS1454, NAS537, NAS538, NAS75
Anodize CLS 1, TYP II MIL-A-8625 Clear NAS1829, NAS1830, NAS1786
Anodize CLS 1, TYP I MIL-A-8625 Grey N MS39087, NAS42, NAS43
Oxide MIL-C-13924 Black MS39087
Cadmium CLS 2, TYP II QQ-P-416 Gold - NAS1129, NAS1723, NAS1786, NAS1788, NAS1829, NAS1830, NAS537, NAS538, NAS75, NAS76
Chem Film CLS 1A MIL-C-5541 Blue FC NAS42, NAS43
Chem Film CLS 3 MIL-C-5541 Gold NAS1829, NAS1830
Nickel CLS 1, GRD G QQ-N-290 N NAS1723
Solder (Tin Lead) MIL-P-81728, .0003 Min T NAS1723
Tin Bright TYP I MIL-T-10717, .0003 Min NAS1829, NAS1830, NAS1453
Hobson Manufacturing also manufactures to custom part specifications and has capabilities to machine a wide range of products.