Manufacturing & Specialty Fabrication
Manufacturing & Specialty Fabrication


Hobson's manufacturing focus is on custom and standard fasteners, eyelets, terminals and threaded rod. To provide you a wide range of miniature size hardware through to precision threaded rods of 6 feet in length, Hobson has a wide range of capabilities utilizing multiple manufacturing systems and processes. For additional manufacturing and processes Hobson has also strategically partnered with companies across the US and abroad to offer Precision Tooling, Stampings, Wireforms, and Threaded Products, including End Mills, Thread and Specialty Gages, Spacer Plates, Springs, among other products. With this broad hardware range, expertise with technical specifications, and understanding of materials, finishes and processes, companies can rely on Hobson to meet many of their Hardware and product needs.

Please visit the website of IMI`s manufacturing division, Hobson Manufacturing.

To provide well-rounded service to your company, Hobson also assists your engineering of custom or evolving products. Well versed and practiced in Engineering Change Management of product specifications and drawings, Hobson is available to coordinate with your engineers and product designers to reflect on design considerations and later implementations into your working application.

Hobson Manufacturing also manufactures to custom part specifications and has capabilities to machine a wide range of products.
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