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Hobson & Social Media?

by Hobson Manufacturing on 03/28/2013

Read an article about our collaboration with Votable, a brand new social media site here:

"Riding the wave of social media, Hobson is one of the first aerospace hardware manufacturers to implement cutting edge social media and engage customers in highly interactive image & photo guide surveys."

Our industry may strongly rely on traditions,
but that doesn't mean we are not opened to new ideas and using the latest platforms.

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All the best,
Dan Nemeth

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Hobson's BIG Website Update

by Hobson Manufacturing on 03/09/2013

For Hobson Manufacturing's first blog, we decided to talk about awesome website changes that essentially give you fast, easy access to information. With key info on products, compliance, certifications, customers can confirm Hobson as a qualified hardware provider within Aerospace, Defense and other markets. We've been listening to our customer's questions; our super website updates look to satisfy them.

"Do you have stock?"
With Inventory Search you can check stock quantity online, without having to contact us and ask. Or download our Inventory Spreadsheet to share with colleagues, or import into your ERP or other data systems. And if you use online marketplaces to search your multiple vendors, the main product page has links to subscription based and free sites listing Hobson's inventory.

"What are your qualifications? I need a copy of your ISO certification."
Hobson became ISO 9001 certified in 2012. Download our ISO Certification to satisfy quality demands. Verify Hobson's Cage Code and ability to engage in government contracts, see the code number with "Verify" link located at the bottom left of every page. For more quality, check the detailed listing on the Quality Assurance page.

"What is the Finish? I have only a description of the part."
The main product page offers links/buttons to detailed part info for each series Hobson provides. We refer to them as "Product Pages". Each Product Page includes:

- Dimensional and part number decodification images
- Data tables including all major and minor part attributes
- Available certifications
- Photos and more

Example product page: NAS1454 Threaded Rod

"Do you have a brochure I can offer to my customer?
Download our exciting new four page brochure, with a professional bright and bold style and key information on Hobson and it's products. Need a stack of paper copies? Contact us and we'll mail some out ASAP.

"Where can I give you feedback? I really appreciated your help the other day..."
Hobson's on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Choose a network of choice to comment and join conversations with Hobson company and personnel. See Hobson's current events, interact and make comments, ask questions, share experiences.

"Anything Else Hobson?"
We want you to enjoy Hobson Manufacturing's new site. If we've done things correctly the site will help your business and you keep up with the fast moving and always changing business world.

Until next time!


Dan Nemeth
Customer Service and Sales Supervisor

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