Hobson & Social Media?

by Hobson Manufacturing on 03/28/2013

Read an article about our collaboration with Votable, a brand new social media site here:

"Riding the wave of social media, Hobson is one of the first aerospace hardware manufacturers to implement cutting edge social media and engage customers in highly interactive image & photo guide surveys."

Our industry may strongly rely on traditions,
but that doesn't mean we are not opened to new ideas and using the latest platforms.

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Dan Nemeth

by C Rush on 05/07/2013a2c1

Nice post!

by Aerospace Eng. on 11/20/2013a2c4

If we're speaking of the Aerospace industry, the comment on traditions is incorrect. To ensure quality and safety of the public, Aerospace must have rigid controls. At times the controls and extensive requirements make the industry appear stagnate or behind the times. Note, conservative measures are highly necessary to perform thorough testing and ensure quality to offer the public safe and reliable air and spacecraft.